From Fr. Olivera ~
I went with a group of adults and young people of our community to see the pre-screening of this movie. I highly recommend it, please go and invite your friends, this is an open eye experience, plenty of lessons for everyone.

From Melissa Kuo ~
Dear SJCCM community, this is the movie Fr. O mentioned during the homily today. Unplanned tells the true story of Abby Johnson and how she went from clinic director of Planned Parenthood to pro-life. The movie is now officially out in theaters this week and you can get tickets for AMC Mercado 20, Century 20 Oakridge, and AMC Eastridge 15 here: (or on Facebook for no online fees for a limited time)!

Although this can be a hard subject, it is very important for us Catholics to understand why the Church is pro-life. This movie shows the very interesting perspective of someone who was deeply involved in the industry, and also shows the power of prayer, and God’s immense mercy.

Teens, ask your parents to go with you to this movie. Parents, take your teens to see this movie. Our generation has been afflicted by abortion far more than we’ll ever know, and it is so important to see the truth about Planned Parenthood.

Lastly, building a culture of life starts in our church community. Many women who get abortions are actually Christian, but turn to abortion out of fear of shame or condemnation. I pray that our community will never be one that shames or condemns anyone with an unplanned pregnancy, but mirrors God’s mercy and unconditional love by supporting them in any way possible.